Taking a deeper look at anger for people with legal issues, why it exists and how do you control it?

In this video, Dr. Faber is looking at the subject of anger and how it affects those who have been involved or may know someone currently involved with the legal system, asking the following questions: what causes it, why do some people get so angry, how does it lead to legal problems and what can people do to rehabilitate their brains facing anger-related issues.  He talks about specific areas of the brain that may be responsible for problems with anger and what tends to trigger certain reactions/episodes.   Dr. Faber wants to hear from people who are struggling with anger as he would like to learn what may be causing it in their particular situation, what precipitates it, and how intense it gets. Such information will help Dr. Faber in his work to determine new and different ways people can control themselves and solve conflicts in a solution-oriented approach. You can email Dr. Faber with your particular stories at docfaber@amenclinic.com

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